Kangaroo Self-Rising Displays

The Kangaroo family of displays is an innovation that we’re particular proud of…they’re revolutionizing in-store compliance and changing expectations across the retail landscape.

These self-rising displays ship flat and pop up almost instantly right from the carton, eliminating time spent by field sales teams in-aisle setting up complex displays. We even have a pre-pack version of the Kangaroo bookshelf that can be filled and shipped with product already loaded!

Because they self-construct right out of the carton, they’re the perfect display to help your field sales team get more displays set up in more stores. In-store staff can easily set up these displays, too.

Not only are Kangaroo displays faster than traditional, they’re also engineered to be super strong (just like their namesake) and more durable – lasting through multiple campaigns. 

We’ve Kangaroo-ed bookshelves, counter units, dump bins,  PDQ’s and pallet toppers with more innovations emerging all the time. 

Kangaroo displays are cleverly engineered to pop right out of their flat-pack cartons and be ready to fill within a few seconds. Not only can field sales teams carry a whole herd of these Kangaroos in their vehicles, but they can be in and out of stores in a matter of minutes, making non-compliance a thing of the past. 

The Kangaroo family includes everything from 3- or 4-shelf bookcases, dump bins, counter units, and also pre-pack versions that ship with products loaded and retail-ready.


Every Kangaroo is constructed of  a mix of new and post-consumer recycled materials.

In addition, the entire Kangaroo family is easily recycled in regular recycling streams.

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