Kangaroo: Faster, Stronger, Sustainable

Collective Arts Brewing knew they were getting a strong, sustainable bookshelf when they ordered from our line of Kangaroo self-rising displays, so it wasn’t a surprise (to us at least) that they’re still in stores 18 months later.  
We’re proud to be the parents of a whole family of Kangaroos – not just the bookcase that delivered incredible results for Collective Arts, but an innovative series of self-rising displays that are perfect for just about any campaign.


Kangaroo displays are cleverly engineered to pop right out of their flat-pack cartons and be ready to fill within a few seconds. Not only can field sales teams carry a whole herd of these Kangaroos in their vehicles, but they can be in and out of stores in a matter of minutes, making non-compliance a thing of the past. 
The Kangaroo family includes everything from 3- or 4-shelf bookcases, dump bins, counter units, and also pre-pack versions that ship with products loaded and retail-ready.



 First we engineered the display for increased strength, specifically to better carry the load of Collective Art’s seasonal craft brews. We used enhanced flute profiles to increase overall strength and made sure that every shelf could carry 60lbs of beer. Next, we carefully designed the shelves for easy shopping, so customers can easily access product without degrading the structure. And finally, we added a bottom tray that protects against moisture-related failure…something of the utmost importance in an environment specializing in beverages!


More Sustainable:

Every Kangaroo is constructed of  a mix of new and post-consumer recycled materials.
Every Kangaroo is easily recycled in regular recycling streams.

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