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What Our Clients Say

"I have worked with Central Group on several corrugate pre-pack displays. They are always super easy to work with – very responsive, quick lead times and competitive pricing. And our displays always look great! Special thank you to your webstore team for always being so accommodating and making the whole process hassle-free."
Brittany Wilson
ACI Brands
Working with my team at Central Group I feel like I have a true partnership on my programs. From concept to execution, The Central Group supports my team's needs at every step in the process of a program, wherever it is needed. From something quick and turnkey, to something that needs a deeper dive and insights, the team can offer whatever services are required to get the job done. Not only do they offer innovative and future forward concepts and products, but they also provide expertise and knowledge  in the retail landscape and are always up with current trends. Whether it's an Omni-Channel display program with digital, or a purely Brick and Mortar play, they're my GO-TO team to start a project with, knowing they will provide me with the capabilities I need. Reliable, nimble, and even better the entire team is so kind and a pleasure to work with. I recommend them to anyone looking for in-store merchandising solutions.
Lea Chin (she/her/hers)
Mattel Canada

Winning @ Retail

Sustainability + Sales Growth = Success!

ecoshop logo reverse

Case Study: Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms is the acknowledged leader in the seasonal pop-up, so when they came to Central looking to make their pop-ups more efficient, we saw an opportunity to use our unique ecoSHOP suite of products to create a fully scalable, flexible and modular kit that would maximize efficiency and value. Not only is our solution 20% more efficient to produce, but it’s completely sustainable.

Collaboration for 30% Sales Increase

Case Study: MARS Wrigley

Collaboration was the key to success for this innovative end cap solution. We worked closely with category leadership, brands and the retailer to create this dramatic display. This is just one of the dozens of programs that we manage for Mars Wrigley across North America as part of our webstore capabilities.

That's One TOUGH Kangaroo!


Case Study: Collective Arts

When our client, Collective Arts Brewing Co. ordered this self-rising Kangaroo bookshelf display, they didn’t expect it to be quite the durable performer it was!

Not only do Kangaroo displays set up in seconds (saving field teams hours of time) and ship totally flat (a whole herd of them fit in a standard car), it also keeps punching above its weight class for months after an ordinary corrugate display gives up the fight.

The Central Advantage


Performance @ Retail is built from a foundation of strong data and actionable insights. 

We develop strategies that increase retail performance by combining award-winning design with predictive industry and category research. 

Our proprietary analytics and customized dashboard reporting measure results and enable decision support to continually improve client programs.

Our many industry certifications demonstrate our expertise in our own industry as well as in our clients’ fields, and are proof of our leadership and professionalism.