CentralPac offers small to mid-size brands and retailers a huge range of customizable packaging and displays through our innovative B2B e-commerce platform. Our powerful online packaging design tool lets you design and checkout right on the site, with smaller runs and faster turnaround. With quick quotes, no tooling costs and online checkout, CentralPac is the right-size solution for your merchandising and packaging needs.


Today’s retail landscapes demand speed and flexibility and environmental responsibly. Whether it’s creating a temporary shop-in-shop environment, an event environment, or even a fully reconfigurable retail fixturing program, ecoSHOP is truly a sustainable retail solution. 
Central’s ecoSHOP offering includes design, execution, logistics and distribution, installation and un-installs, palletization, storage and responsible end-of-life disposal.
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Corrulite is the ideal solution for a flexible, sustainable retail environment, pop-up, shop-in-shop or experiential display.  Corrulite modular panels are both incredibly light and unbelievably durable, made of a lightweight and recycled paper core. 
One or two people can transport and assemble an entire environment, yet it’s durable enough to mount digital screens, fully-loaded shelves and more.  Panels can be direct-printed with branded messaging or have veneers or vinyl-wrapped graphics applied, allowing for frequent campaign changes. 
Corrulite panels can be assembled and disassembled with speed and ease using a single tool locking system ,and the entire system is fully recyclable. 


“Modular” is where it’s at and Connect™ fits this bill perfectly.  Connect can be configured to make the most of any footprint or retail space requirement.

Connect’s patent-pending system of paper-fiber tubes and recycled plastic connectors can be combined to create multiple designs in an almost unlimited range of colours – from completely raw (showing off its sustainable attributes) to custom PMS brand colours.

The printed panels can be placed anywhere in the structure to close off or open up shelves. Configure and re-configure for new campaigns, and store in compact pallets for seasonal use.
The benefits of the Connect system are clear: a flexible, lightweight and long-lasting planet-friendly display system with the flexibility to be built instore or shipped pre-assembled and changed for tomorrow. Now that’s flexible.


Is your investment delivering sales? One of the biggest issues facing brands today is compliance, and Kangaroo self-rising displays can make all the difference in getting your valuable display program set up on the retail sales floor. Whether you’ve got a dedicated field sales team, or are relying on store staff to set up and stock your displays, Kangaroo saves so much time and effort, it can mean the difference between an average of 67% compliance and 100% compliance.
With set up times under 20 seconds, and incredible longevity and weight-bearing capacity, Kangaroo self-rising displays take your merchandising investment from flat to fantastic in just seconds!