Eco 3D Hyper-Realistic Displays

Disruption. That’s the feature of Eco 3D that can really help you win at retail. These hyper-realistic 3D replicas make your merchandising really stand out from the crowd. Our studies show that a consumer’s eye only engages with a product for 1-2 seconds, so you need to make those seconds count with an attention-grabbing dimensional Eco 3D display.

Eco 3D can be anything from a super-sized 3D replica of your product, or a 3D element added to a Kangaroo display, header card or pole topper. Integrate Eco 3D with any temporary, permanent or semi-permanent display execution to create a display with maximum customer engagement and minimal environmental impact.

The 3D replicas are made from sustainable paper mediums, and go together using a simple slit and tab system with no toxic adhesives. Eco 3D eliminates the need for tool and die work, making it more affordable than vac-forming, and because it packs flat (or almost flat), distribution costs are lower, too.

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